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Broken Screen


You can't do much if you can't see what you're doing on your iPad. Your screen is a vital part of daily operation.  Most iPads operate on an OLED display, while some older models use LCD.   We stock screens for all models of iPads. 


Repairs, are typically completed within 90 minutes.  

Common iPad Screen Issues

Screen Replacement


Does your iPad screen need to be replaced? From broken glass, to lines on the screen, we have the right parts to repair your iPad screen

When we replace your screen, we inspect all attached components.  Your earpiece is connected to your screen, so is your selfie camera.  

Touch Not Working


Contrary to popular belief, you actually have glass in front of your iPad screen. 

No, we don't mean a tempered glass screen protector, we're referring to a Digitizer.

 A digitizer on an iPad

, translates your touches, to responses on the screen.  We can replace your digitizer.

Distorted Colour


If your digitizer and lcd begin to separate, often times your screen colour can become distorted.

The swelling inside often causes the LCD connection clips to dislodge.  We will verify and confirm the connections, repair any damage and have your iPad working like new!

How Long Does It Take To Fix?

Average Repair Time:

1.5 hours

We also take the time to use our thermal imaging camera to confirm there are no additional issues with your device.  Regardless if your device is powred on and operational, we don't want you to have further issues down the road.  

How Much Does It Cost?

Apple has a flat rate fee of $300 - $600 depending on the model to replace your screen

Our competitors rates range from $149 - $599

Our price
iPad 10 (2022) - $79.99
iPad 9 (2021) - $64.99
iPad 8 (2020) - $64.99
iPad 7 (2019) - $64.99
iPad 6 (2018) - $64.99
iPad 5 (2017) - $59.99
iPad Pro 12.9" (2022) 6th gen - $379.99
iPad Pro 12.9" (2021) 5th Gen - $379.99
iPad Pro 12.9" (2020) 4th Gen - $249.99
iPad Pro 12.9" (2018) 3rd Gen - $249.99
iPad Pro 12.9" (2017) 2nd Gen - $529.99
iPad Pro 12.9" (2015) 1st Gen - $289.99
iPad Pro 11" (2022) 4th Gen - $249.99
iPad Pro 11" (2021) 3rd Gen - $249.99.99
iPad Pro 11" (2020) 2nd Gen - $279.99
iPad Pro 11" (2018) 1st Gen - $279.99
iPad Pro 10.5" - $169.99
iPad Pro 9.7" - $149.99
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