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No Power Not Charging


One of the worst feelings is pressing the power button on your iPhone, and nothing happens.  You start to worry about your data, wondering if it's lost.  The good news, your data is NOT lost.  The reason your iPhone isn't powering on traditionally has nothing to do with your data.

Quick Fixes:

  • Double check your power cord.  Make sure your power cord is well secured, both in the outlet, and in the device.  If your power cord is a two piece cable, make sure it's plugged into itself well.

  • Check your laptop charging port. It might just be dirty.  Turn off your iPhone, and clean the charging port with 99% isopropyl alcohol.  Use a cotton swap to apply, do not pour alcohol onto your phone.  

  • Feel around your iPhone.  While it's plugged in , is your device hot?  If your device begins to get hot STOP. Unplug your device, and reach out to us for support. Something inside is wong and we need to address it.

  • Visit Us or Mail In Your device to be repaired.  The moment your iPhone arrives to us, we will remove the back plate, and inspect you device with our thermal camera, to identify the shortage.  We will test each individual components to identify the root cause.  Once identified we will replace the defective component. Once completed, your iPhone operates as if nothing ever happened.

iPhone Power Concerns

iPhones, like other cell phones, operate on a very specific route of power management.  Power is introduced through the charging port, it then travels through power management chips which produce multiple voltages from the 20V in the outlet.  From there, it is verified and checked prior to powering the CPU, and begin to charge your internal battery.

Charging Port


The charging port is robust on all iPhones.  From lightning ports, to now USB-C and wireless charging, there are numerous ways to charge your iPhone over the last 10 years.  Unfortunately, they aren't perfect.  Over time, they will fail, simply due to plugging and unplugging.  You may even have dropped your phone while it's charging, dislodging the charging port.  We can fix it!

Power Control Chips


iPhones need a way to control the 20 volts of power coming in through the charging port.  The first power management chips are interacted with to let the SMC controller know that the correct voltage is being sent through.  If these fail, your device will not turn on.  We can replace these on your iPhone



Once the charger has communicated with each power management chip, it then begins to charge your battery and power your CPU.  If you can't use your phone without plugging it in, you likely need a new battery.  We can replace your iPhone battery for a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

How Long Does It Take To Fix?

Most repairs asociated with charging port and battery replacement can be done on the same day. In certain cases, where multiple power management chips are faulty, we may need an additional 24 hours to ensure full functionality.

We also take the time to use our thermal imaging camera to confirm there are no additional issues with your device.  Regardless if your device is powred on and operational, we don't want you to have further issues down the road.  

How Much Does It Cost?

Apple has a flat rate fee of $100 -$200 depending on the model to replace your battery or charging port.  

Our competitors rates range from $99 - 179

Our price
$59- $149
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