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Industry Leading
Macbook Repair

We've saved countless Macbooks from ending up as paperweights.  Located in Burlington Ontario, we've worked behind the scenes for many independent retail repair stores for the last 17 years.  

We don't just fix your device, we treat it like our own.

Get A Fast, Free Estimate for Macbook Repair

Macbook pro and iPhone

We will immediately look at your Macbook, the moment you bring it in.  In many cases, we can tell you on the spot the cost and time frame of the repair while you wait.  At Level 2 Repair, there is no diagnostic fee.  If you have liquid damage you will most likely need to leave it with us, as these issues are too complicated to provide an immediate estimate on.

Common Macbook Issues
All repairs include a 1 year warranty (parts & labour)
Liquid/Spill Damage
Not Turning On
Cracked Screen
Keys/Trackpad Not Working
Faulty Logic Board
Running Slow

Located near Burlington?  Bring your Macbook to us!

We receive a lot of business through the mail-in repair service, I absolutely love meeting my clients face to face.  Bring it in to us and we'll give you an on the spot estimate and peace of mind that I can fix your problem.

Shocked by Apple’s flat rate $750-$1250 ?

Here's what it would cost with us:

Keyboard:  $99 - $199 (depending on model)

Trackpad: $99 - $199 (depending on model)

Logic board repair: $199 - $349 (depending on model)​

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