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Playstation Repair Expert in Canada

You're not living if you aren't gaming

Whether you have a PS3, PS4, or PS5  we can get it fixed fast.  You need to get back to warfare, dropping 3's, breaking ankles and world speed records.  Nobody buys a Playstation to be a paperweight.

Information on your device is not accessed during repair.  We don't just fix your device, we treat it like our own.

Get A Fast, Free Estimate for your Playstation repair

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We will immediately look at your Playstation, the moment you bring it in.  In many cases, we can tell you the cost of the repair without looking at your device.  Simply fill out our free estimate form and you'll get a response in less than an hour!  At Level 2 Repair, there is no diagnostic fee.  If you have liquid damage you will most likely need to leave it with us, as these issues are too complicated to provide an immediate estimate on.

Located near Burlington?  Bring your Playstation to us!

We receive a lot of business through the mail-in repair service, I absolutely love meeting my clients face to face.  Bring it in to us and we'll give you an on the spot estimate and peace of mind that I can fix your problem.

Common Playstation Issues
All repairs include a 1 year warranty (parts & labour)
HDMI (Nothing on Screen)
Not Turning On
Buttons Not Working
Error Codes
Hard Drive Replacement

Shocked by Sony's flat rates of $300 - $500

Here's what it would cost with us:

HDMI:  $49 - $89 (depending on model)

Error Code: $79 - $149 (depending on model)

Controller repair: $39 - $69 (depending on model)​

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