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Running Slow

Macbook Pro
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Have you noticed your Macbook slowing down?  When you first got it, it was quick.  Now, after a year or two, it may not running at the same speed.  There are a few possibilities to review, and some things you can check at home before coming to see us.  

What To Do:

  • Check Storage Capacity.  If you're running out of space, your Macbook will begin to slow down.  Part of the hard drive space is needed as working storage.  Your Macbook often uses this space as a placeholder while it processes a task.  Try clearing up unused files and emptying the trash can.

  • Clean the fan exhaust ports.  Over time, the fan exhaust ports under your screen get filled with dust and debris.  Use compressed air to blow out the exhaust of the fans.  

  • Visit Us or Mail In Your device to be repaired.  The moment your Macbook arrives to us, we will remove the back plate, motherboard, and all surrounding components.  This is to verify that all moisture and debris have been removed prior to any tests we conduct.  Once your Macbook has been cleaned, we will use our thermal camera to check for any hot points on your motherboard, replacing any faulty components.  Once completed, your Macbook operates as if nothing ever happened.

What else slows down my Macbook?


Screenshot 2023-07-07 172704.png

Your Macbook is filled with sensors.  These help keep your Macbook operating as intended.  However, a sensor can fail.  Sometimes it's physical damage (dropping a device), and sometimes moisture can affect it.  We have access to all sensors needed to get your Macbook back to operational

Fauly Hard Drive


One of the most active components of your Macbook.   This is where your personal data is kept and secured.  You need this to work, and it needs to work quickly.  Originally, Macbooks included SATA hard drives (the ones with spinning platters).  Then, there was an update and SSD devices were installed.  In the last few years, these drives are now soldered to the board. 


While uncommon, SSD devices can fail.  We can help repair these or replace your SSD.  We also offer data recovery for drives that have critical information.

How Long Does It Take To Fix?

Most repairs can be done within 48 hours.  The difference between us and our competitors is that we stock a large amount of components specifically for your Macbook's motherboard.  Other repair shops have to order in parts to determine the issue. 

We also take the time to use our thermal imaging camera to confirm there are no additional issues with your device.  Regardless if your device is powred on and operational, we don't want you to have further issues down the road.  

How Much Does It Cost?

Apple has a flat rate fee of $750 - $1200 depending on the model to replace your motherboard

Our competitors rates range from $299 - 499

Our price
$99 - $299
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