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Motherboard Repair

Macbook Pro
Macbook Air

We are one of the few Canadian repair locations that service Macbook motherboards on site.  We have access to schematics to help assist with individual component replacement, rather than replacing your entire motherboard.  


We use tools like: thermal imaging, voltage injection, and multimeter readings to identify the specific component that needs replacing.  If you are in Canada, we can save your Macbook.

Common Macook Motherboard Issues

Your Macbook motherboard has approximately 200+ components soldered onto it.  From capacitors and resistors, to mosfets and power controllers, there is ample opportunity to fix a motherboard rather than replace it.

Bad Capacitor

Screenshot 2023-07-04 144351.png

A capacitor is used to move voltage from one end of the motherboard to another power rail.  It can also be there to create a ground for the current being passed through.  Often, capacitors fail, and sometimes they even show their failure.  Often we need to use thermal imaging and voltage injection to identify the bad capacitor.

Bad Power Management Chips


Macbooks need a way to control the 20 volts of power coming in through the charging port.  The first power management chips are interacted with to let the SMC controller know that the correct voltage is being sent through.  If these fail, your device will not turn on.  We can replace these on your Macbook

Bad Mosfet


A mosfet has voltage coming in, voltage coming out, and a gate.  The gate is designed to control when voltage comes in and out.  At times, we use jumper wire to bypass a burn created on the motherboard eliminating one of the necessary traces. We can identify the affected component and replace it, saivng you the cost of a motherboard replacement.

Bad Voltage Regulator


A voltage regulator will make sure that correct voltage is coming into the device, and then distribute the proper voltages to each part f the motherboard.  When this fails, the laptop doens't identify that it's being powered on.  It only sees that a small portion of voltage is being taken in, and requires attention.  We can repair this issue with your Macbook

How Long Does It Take To Fix?

Most motherboard level repairs take 48-72 hours.  The reasoning behind a longer service time, is identifying the problem.  While we have schematics and thermal imaging to help, the first problem isn't the only problem.  We need the time to thoroughly go through our device.

 Regardless if your device is powred on and operational, we don't want you to have further issues down the road.  

How Much Does It Cost?

Apple has a flat rate fee of $750 - $1200 depending on the model to replace your motherboard

Our competitors rates range from $399 - $599

Our price
$199 - $349
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