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Mail Your Device

Your time is valuable
Mail In Form

Please Fill In Prior To Mailing

Do you live a little too far from Burlington? Simply package your device and ship it to us!

We receive parcels from customers every day of the week.  Please make sure you take the time to fill out the FORM prior to mailing your device to us.


No Box No Charger Please

The box and charger for your device increases the weight and size of your shipment.  We don't need them.  

How Much Does It Cost To Ship?

A laptop shipped from Halifax or Vacouver is approxiamtely $30 + tax using Canada Post.  This includes a tracking number.

How Much Is Return Shipping?

Return shipping is always free, if you agree to have your device repaired.  If not, return shipping will be invoiced to the customer.

What's Your Shipping Address?

Level 2 Repair

3114 Rotary Way

Burlington, ON

L7M 0A3

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